Folder Locking  v.2.0

Folder Locking is a small software development by Kaustav Das Modak, A.K.A. 'Kido'. With it, the Author promises to provide a simple and quick method to protect any folder from Windows by setting a password to it.

Prevent Computer From Sleeping, Locking, and Starting Screensaver Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to stop a PC from locking, sleeping, hibernating or showing a screensaver during periods of inactivity.


Access Controller  v.3.314

Desktop locking security utility to protect desktop when you are not near PC. Password protection can be automatically activated on boot or with a click of an icon in the system tray. Log access attempts and enforce a custom background image.

Deep Lock

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FolderArmor  v.4.0

Folder Armor is best folder protection software typically designed to ensure safety of your folders by locking it with a password.

Super Folder Lock  v.2 3

This is a very easy to use folder locking utility. Historically, the program allowed locking of folders anywhere on the system, but it have reduced that flexibiltiy in order to enhance ease of use and security.

LuJoSoft DeskLock  v.1.0.0

Introduction LuJoSoft DeskLock is an easy in use and compact tool for quick computer locking when you leave it unattended.


Have only one webcam device but want to use it in a few software application at the same time? Here is the product to solve this problem! Soft Service CamSplitter software allows to use one webcam driver and device in multiple applications without locking


LockMyText is a text security tool used for sending and receiving private messages and documents securely. LockMyText has its own built-in encryption security key for use in locking and unlocking text. With LockMyText, you can share private information

Folder Vaccine Home Edition

Folder Vaccine Home Edition is a powerful desktop utility that keeps files and folders secure and safe by hiding and locking them, or by making them read-only with a password. With Its' simple to use drag-and-drop interface; Folder Vaccine Home Edition is

Hide Folder Flex

Hide Folder Flex is an access control utility for Windows. It keeps files and folders secret and safe by hiding and locking them, or by encrypting them with a password. It's also able to restrict accesses to local hard disks, CD-Roms, floppy disks, and

Exe Lockdown

Executable Lockdown protects PCs by locking-down your existing "trusted" applications... All new exe's, introduced via any media source. (physical or removable drives, network shares, USB drives, Internet ftp etc.) will not launch unless it is listed

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